These are the Klubb vardag releases so far:

Begging for BoogieBegging for Boogie
-- Hugger-Mugger
Hugger-Muggers music and lyrics are always very spontaneous and direct. All pieces are made just once. Live, directly into the recorder. A confused heap of noisy, homemade sounds. Things keep on tumbling down until the final collapse. Sonic Bang!

-- Matti Ollikainen
Electronic music which in all it's lowvoiced gentlemanlike carefulness is hard as nails !

Anders DahlBambergpudding
-- Anders Dahl
The ooze that the worlds press later would call Bambergpudding emerged on lazy Sunday morning from a vile green pool of bubbling toxic waste. This funky pudding of grumbling waste would terrorize small towns and harass old ladies.

Look where you walkLook where you walk
-- Gul 3