Begging for Boogie
by Hugger-Mugger

Hold your horses 'cause here comes Hugger-Muggers debut -CD "Begging for Boogie"

This is a fully loaded double CD with a lot of smash hits such as: Orgasm in Africa, Frenesia, Maniac,The King Fell in Love, Hell Boogie and plenty more. Can you take it?

Hugger-Muggers music and lyrics are always very spontaneous and direct. All pieces are made just once. Live, directly into the recorder. A confused heap of noisy, homemade sounds. Things keep on tumbling down until the final collapse. Sonic Bang!

This is music made by three visual artists. They usually improvise around a theme or a question, to bring out a special energy or feeling. Unforgettable are jamsessions like " We got nothing to loose", "Saloondrunk" or "Far distant" which they recorded over a speakerphone in Elinors kitchen. Maria and Elinor jumping around in the kitchen with a keyboard and a drum-machine, and Catarina, pregnant, sitting on an oriental carpet in Falun, with a hurdy-gurdy ( built by an uncle of her newly married husband) in her knee. Knock on Wood! Silence Sucks!

Listen to:
Kina - peking.mp3

Photo(c): Sara Sundin & Peter Larson