by Anders Dahl

The ooze that the worlds press later would call Bambergpudding emerged on lazy Sunday morning from a vile green pool of bubbling toxic waste. This funky pudding of grumbling waste would terrorize small towns and harass old ladies in the formerly so peaceful valley.

The able men of the valley journeyed forth, knee deep in corrosive murk, to rid the valley of this menace. With big guns and bombs the heroic men tried to blow the sentient ooze to tiny bits. But alas, this crusade ended in failure and the men in a grave of sewage sludge. See, big guns didn't harm the funky pudding.

This album was recorded between 1998 - 2000

Anders Dahl - Electronics
Pontus Berghe - Drums on Skidbacke (Track 7)
Songs Time mp3
Soptipp 6'50 Download
Rötslam 5'29  
Kompaktor 5'49 Download
Metan 1 0'28 Download
Lakvatten 3'29  
Dumper 2'10  
Skidbacke 6'56  
Fulsopor 3'42  
Metan 2 0'30  
Flygaska 5'23  
Sluttäckning 21'13  
Total: 61'59