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16 Rows

16 Rows

The simplest twelve tone music you can imagine performed by Christer Bothén, Erik Carlsson, Anders Dahl, Magnus Granberg, Anna Lindal, Björn Nilsson, Matilda Nordenström, Emma Nordlund, Henrik Olsson & Petter Wästberg.

Ålleberg - Slötakvartetten


Red-neck improvisation with the great winds of Slätta ringing in our ears

Rhino - Anders Dahl, Patrick Farmer, Christian Munthe


Rhinocerian improvisations on analog electronics, acoustic turntable & acoustic guitar

Introverted Formula - Anders Dahl & Sewer Election

Introverted Formula

One side of a four way split LP. Abstract tape music.

Rows - Anders Dahl & Skogen


Rows performed by Skogen (Angharad Davies, Anna Lindal, Toshimaru Nakamura, Ko Ishikawa, Henrik Olsson, Petter Wästberg, Magnus Granberg). Listen to a excerpt here.

21 realisations of George Brecht’s Water Yam

And one of them is performed by me on my old pump organ

9 Times 5 - Bruno Duplant With Lee Noyes, Anders Dahl, Christian Munthe, Massimo Magee

9 Times 5

Performance of Bruno Duplant's graphical composition 9 Times 5.

Anders Dahl, Patrick Farmer, Christian Munthe live at Geiger

At Geiger cover

Recent concert just out on compost and height

Skog och dal - Skogar, berg och dalar

Skogar, berg och dalar

Valley low and mountain high, under clear and open sky
paths they cross and drift apart, unite in woods, so wild at heart!


Flatefjäll cover

Be sure not to miss this unique documentation of when the scattered members of the Bombax tribe got together at the foot of Flatefjäll for a cheerful time of cooking, eating and making noise!


Doorbells cover

Bombax bombax releases three nice extended pieces of mine. All based on the sounds of a pair of rusty ol' doorbells.


RGBtapes cover

Red, green and blue coloured tapes of sonic wonder.

Detune Remixes

Detune Remixes cover
Remix of Anders Dahl's Detune by Sewer Election, Skogen, Zavoloka, Anders Dahl and Cheapmachines


Detune cover
Slowly, slowly down the rabbit hole...

Several Kinds Of Ground

Several Kinds Of Ground cover

Acoustic-electronic, noise-melody, structure-chaos, improvised-composed, live-recorded; all at once with improvisor Christian Munthe

Various Artists - Gothenburg 08

Gothenburg 08 cover

Many of Gothenburgs best musicians compiled in delicous cd release by the label Fang Bomb.

KonstNu at Trollhättan


View the extended konstNu exhibition at Trollhättans Konsthall (in Swedish). Exhibition opening and concert by Alejandra and Aeron at 12 o'clock the 17th of February. Open until the 18th of March. Then KonstNu will go on tour through Ulricehamn, Hjo, Åmål, Herrljunga, Angered, Kungälv and Lerum, see the KonstNu website (in Swedish).



Field recordings of genuinely fake nature sounds. Release in connection with exibition at Borås Art Museum. Out on Kning Disk.

Hundloka, flockblomstiga 1


Cow parsley. The first in the flockblomstriga series. Visit Häpna now!

PC Speaker Studies

PC Speaker Studies

The great label Kningdisk have released my experiments with prepared computer speakers in an limited edition of 8. Go to Kning!

Live with Henrik Olsson and Cristian Munthe

Listen to a short impromptu improvistation recorded at Club Blå Puma by Cristian Munthe.

Ant Drawings

Ant Drawings

The pictures are drawn by the motion of ants on a piece of paper. I wish I could draw like them.

Liten vildpersilja, flockblomstiga 3

Liten vildpersilja @ Underhund.

The third part in the flockblomstiga series. Enjoy.

Henrik Olsson, Anders Dahl - Splendor


Henrik Olsson and Anders Dahl's first full lenght release. Recorded between 2002 - 2003 and released by the web label conv net.lab Enjoy.

Kärrsilja, flockblomstriga 2


The third part in the flockblomstiga series. Out on Komplott.

Henrik Olsson, Anders Dahl - Live at Skårve.

Live at Skårve December 2003

Henrik Olsson and Anders Dahl live at Skårve. Download.

Digital birds.

Wildlife recordings of desktop birds.

Wildlife recordings of desktop birds. Digital birds recorded right in their natural habitat, the computer. All birds sing in mono. Digital birds

India Sounds.

India Sounds.

Audio recordings I made during a trip in India. From the city to the jungle and back. Recorded during two weeks in October 2000. India Sounds.


Released at last! This funky pudding has waited for three long years to crawl out of Anders basement. Released on the Swedish label Klubb Vardag. If grumbeling toxic waste music is your thing go to Klubb Vardag

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