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Henrik Olsson, Anders Dahl - Live at Skårve.

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1. Skårve #1 9'25
2. Skårve #2 12'47
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Henrik Olsson, Anders Dahl - Cork, Bird Call, Electronics, Metal Bowls, Toy Piano, Snare Drum, Bouzouki, Wood & Metal Objects, Pikachu
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Henrik Olsson is one of Sweden's finest improvising percussionists. It's always a pleasure to work with him. Olsson is also one half of Sheriff (CD on Häpna) and one third of Gul 3 (CD's on Crazy Wisdom & Klubb Vardag). We have been playing together since 2001, improvising and experimenting.

At this occasion we were mostly playing everyday objects found around the house. A computer was used to randomly record sounds now and then, and then randomly play back chunks of those sounds. This creates a very slow feedback loop. When the sounds from the speakers are re-recorded into the computer and played back again, a room resonance effect is also created. Not unlike the one explored by Alvin Lucier in his masterpiece "I'm sitting in a room".

Recorded in December 2003 in Anders living room in front of a small audience. The cover image shows the wallpaper in that room.

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